Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bell and/or Whistle

So this is my secret shame (secret in that I have complained to most of my girlfriends but the checkout lady at the grocery store doesn't suspect a thing): my husband does not always read this blog. Ok, that's exaggerating; he does read it...when I badger him...repeatedly. I wrote the piece about him running the marathon, and then waited for him to read it and bask in all the lovely things I'd written about him. After 3 days, I dragged him over to the computer to finally take a look. By then I was considering adding a postscript about how although he is very athletic, he sadly has a third nipple.

In his defense, he's just not really into blogs (I think it's the unassuming Canadian in him), and he is one of those strange people who actually spends all his hours at the office working. Also, this is a man who open drawers and forgets to close them. I can hardly to expect him to remember to read his wife's latest innermost thoughts and feelings.

He suggested that in order to help him remember to read this blog (which he does seem to really enjoy once he gets here, especially the entries about farts, burps and poop), I should set up a mailing list. So I did, at the bottom of this page. Sign up (there's no committment beyond giving your e-mail) and you will be notified when I post something new, honey. That goes for anyone else out there too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for setting up the list! I was beginning to think how I had a problem considering I checked for new postings about 10X a day. AJ

11:54 AM  
Anonymous The Lovely Miss Katie said...

Sign me up! I must admit, much like the Canuck, once I'm here, I love every word (and the pictures!). But sometime I forgot to come here often enough. Looking forward to the posting!

8:58 PM  

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